👋 Hello World Again

Photograph of neon light saying hello by Pablo Gentile via Unsplash

There is a time and place for everything. In the past I have created blogs and written with some frequency. The process was fun, it was great to engage. Then my career took hold. I bought a house, a fixer upper and priorities change.

A few things haven’t changed in that time. People always ask me if I have a place where I write products I research the heck out of. I love cars, technology, design, technology, business and mindfulness. Finally, I love sharing what I know and learning from those around me. I care so deeply about things that I get upset when someone buys something without consulting me.

So here we are. The first post of my new blog. I am not going to keep any of the previous WordPress blog posts I had done. They’re all over 3 years old. Maybe not irrelevant but absolutely old. We’re looking forward. Although looking back at this post in a few years is going to be entertaining. I wrote it fast, because sometimes the simple process of starting is all you need. So, hello world, again.